I am a London-based scientist/illustrator who loves Swiss mountains, Australian beaches and Fall in Michigan.

Growing up in Australia (and having not been eaten by sharks), I started drawing in my early teenage years. There are storage boxes full of old sketchbooks hidden in a closest in my mother’s house in Sydney. I took to working with pen early on and it taught me to move forwards with my pictures and not to worry so much about making mistakes. I have now kept a drawing pad on me for most of my life.

While visiting Vienna, I discovered the prints of Jungnickel and was completely blown away. ‘Two blue macaws’ was particularly striking to me. I then proceeded to pick up a few sheets of linoleum, the cheapest set of gouging tools on offer and some completely inappropriate ‘not for printing’ paint. What happened next could only be described as a big torrid mess.

I was instantly hooked on the process and have remained so ever since.

I hope you enjoy the results.